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Запонки TF Est.1968 CMP-PC02

Код: CMP-PC02

Moon Phase Cufflinks
Material: Plated chocolate
Ref. CMP-PC02
St. Steel - plated chocolate - silver carbon


Запонки TF Est.1968 CMP-PC02

The fun Swiss brand with its ear to the ground

The Swiss brand TF Est. 1968 proudly asserts its identity codes in pursuit of an accessibility that makes no sacrifices when it comes to quality, including even the odd foray into the high-end segment: fun, trendy, sometimes quirky, and set against a carbon ground or some other precious material. Cufflinks and rollerball pens inspired by the world of watchmaking, fine leather goods exploring a playful theme, not to mention… two promising watch collections already under its belt.

Marked by a total lack of convention, TF Est. 1968 never hesitates to deviate from the norm, more out of a sense of fun than wilful provocation. Sometimes embarking unashamedly on its chosen course in a spirit of rebellious abandon, in true nonconformist style, but always with its inimitable eye to quality. One has only to look at its cufflinks inspired by the world of watchmaking, its rollerball pens, or its two collections of spirited watches, challenging the onlooker to be indifferent.

Запонки TF Est.1968 CMP-PC02
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