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Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W

Код: N009AN.W
74100 грн

The image of the Angel is a symbol of protection, love and everything that is pure and good in the human soul. You walk the road of your life and your Guardian Angel always invisibly stays with you, defending and protecting you every minute.
White gold 18K - 8.6 g
Diamonds - 0.16 ct
Rubies - 0.04 ct
Sapphires- 0.01 ct

Dear clients, our boutique represents world-famed brands with their exclusive jewelry pieces.
At the market, the majority of them is introduced through limited collections, some exist in a single original. Please contact our consultants to check the availability and effective prices.


Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W

When the first pendant was created, it became clear to us that we ought to proceed making the jewelry people would wear not only with great pleasure but with pride for their origin. The rich traditions of the Slavic nations, the beauty of our lands, people’s sincerity and the desire to protect our national heritage became an inspiration for the launch of OBERIG jewelry.

At this moment you discover the magical world of OBERIG jewelry - the world of ancient signs and symbols which we have reproduced in diamonds, rubies, sapphires and gold. Jewelry, which you touch, combine not only the precious stones and metal, they also have in your life about the deep human dreams, values and aspirations. It is

the power of signs, the ancient code of transmission from generation to generation attracts you, pointing the way to harmony. The perfect combination of form with a deep sense - is the search, which we dedicate part of his life. We touch to unique code of human development and offer a cautious peek into the world OBERIG jewelry!

Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W - 1 Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W - 2 Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W - 3 Підвіска OBERIG N009AN.W - 4
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